Date Night Shave Puck
Date Night Shave Puck
Date Night Shave Puck

Date Night Shave Puck


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We aren't that big on the whole shaving thing around here but we understand sometimes it has to be done and here at Topher's we figured if you are going to shave, you may as we get the best shave you can get.

A 4 ounce puck of chemical free, natural shave soap with thick long lasting lather and great razor glide.  Scented with house blend of teak, sandalwood, ocean spray, spicy peppercorns and vetiver intermingle with light citrus notes and frankincense.

Let us help you make your next wet shave the best it can be.

Made with the finest oils and butters, this is a true old school shaving puck, not just a round bar of soap with added clay for slip. We've taken an old recipe and refined it. With a lard, shea butter and coconut oil base we've added extra castor oil and vegetable glycerin for slip and hemp seed oil for skin conditioning. Our shave puck isn't drying like most commercial shaving creams on the market today and the stable lather offers more slip and skin conditioning then it's mass produced counterparts.

Best if paired with Topher's Manscape Butter as a cream aftershave.