Bourbon Cask Barrel Aged Premium Beard Oil

Bourbon Cask Barrel Aged Premium Beard Oil

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During a road trip along the Bourbon Trail we purchased an empty used bourbon cask from Small Mountain Distillery in Tennessee. Our plan was to age our beard oil blend in the cask and hopefully infuse our premium beard oil with the essence of their premium bourbon. We let the oil age for nearly 3 months before we tapped the cask and got our first scent of what we now call Bourbon Cask Barrel Aged Beard Oil.  The result speaks for itself. Not your average beard oil.

This is not your average beard oil. Like a true glass of bourbon, you get a strong blast of Tennessee Bourbon when you open the bottle but after a moment this calms and the secondary scents of caramel, charred oak and vanilla come thru. A must have for every man with a beard who loves whiskey bourbon. Don't worry, you won't smell like you've been day drinking either. 

Each bottle is numbered and this will be a limited run of about 350 bottles. Best to get it before it's gone. 

Six natural oils, carefully selected for their hydrating and moisturizing properties are paired with our Bourbon Cask fragrance blend to create a beard oil that both strengthens and conditions the hair but more importantly, also hydrates the skin beneath it to make beard itch and flakes a thing of the past.  Bask in the confidence of knowing that your beard is not only healthy, but looks, feels and smells it's best.

While our products are mild enough for children and those with sensitive skin we do suggest to test on skin before use, as they may contain allergens.

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