Bullet Premium Beard Balm
Bullet Premium Beard Balm

Bullet Premium Beard Balm

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From the moment you open the tin of Tophers Bullet Beard Balm you'll feel like you out on the gun range. This isn't the sulphuric scent that most think of with gunpowder, but the clean unfired scent of powder, brass, gun oil and black pepper.  A blend that is sure to surprise. Not your average beard balm.

With premium ingredients, Topher's Bullet Beard Balm will keep your beard looking and feeling it's best by moisturizing and protecting the hair.  Canadian Beeswax, 2 exotic butters and 6 natural oils, all carefully selected for their hydrating, moisturizing and fixative properties are paired with our Bullet fragrance blend to create a beard balm that both strengthens and conditions the hair while offering a medium hold to keep those rogue beard hairs in line.  Bask in the confidence of knowing that your beard is not only healthy, but looks, feels and smells it's best.

While our products are mild enough for children and those with sensitive skin we do suggest to test on skin before use, as they may contain allergens.

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