Wet Shaving Tools, Shave Pucks + Aftershaves

Wet Shaving Tools, Shave Pucks + Aftershaves


    Safety razors designed and manufactured in Canada by Rockwell and Henson Shaving, Old school, handcrafted Shave Pucks as well as Cream Aftershaves for both him + her.  As much as we embrace the hirsute, we also wanted to cater to those who prefer a smoother appearance.  

    At Topher's we curate the best razors for you to begin your foray into the wet shaving lifestyle.  As much as we try to source from other Canadian owned companies, some items like the DE blades just aren't made here and have to be imported in.

    We handcraft all of our Shave Pucks and Aftershaves at our location in Brantford, ON. 

    Also, did you know that our beard oils can also double as a pre-shave oil?

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