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Introducing Tophers Beard and Soap Co. – A Sustainable Canadian Self-Care Brand Tophers Beard and Soap Co. located in Brantford, a small town located about an hour west of Toronto, Ontario was founded in early 2015 by myself Topher and my wife Tania.

We are a Canadian-based company specializing in premium self-care products for discerning men and women worldwide. Our range includes beard care, bath essentials, wet shaving and grooming items, all handcrafted, packaged and brought to market by the pair of us. From a small side gig to a thriving multi-national business, with retail locations on three continents Tophers Beard and Soap Co. now caters to retail, wholesale, and private label clients globally.

We work in small batches to maintain the exceptional quality we're known for and are committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients. By choosing Tophers Beard and Soap Co., you're not only investing in high-quality, effective and sustainable self-care products but also supporting a company that values environmental responsibility. This is evident in our no bottle needed shampoo and conditioner bars or biodegradable shipping materials to name a few examples.

Explore our selection of self-care products, designed for both men and women, at www.tophers.ca. Experience the difference with Tophers Beard and Soap Co. and elevate your self-care journey today!



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Your beard products are the only thing that touches my beard now...well other than my wife.

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Fizzing Gum Drops | Mini Foaming Bath Bomb
Fizzing Gum Drops | Mini Foaming Bath Bomb
Fizzing Gum Drops | Mini Foaming Bath Bomb
Fizzing Gum Drops | Mini Foaming Bath Bomb
Fizzing Gum Drops | Mini Foaming Bath Bomb
Fizzing Gum Drops | Mini Foaming Bath Bomb

Fizzing Gum Drops | Mini Foaming Bath Bomb

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Check out Tophers Fizzing Gum Drops, each one is nearly half an oz in weight. These are perfect for little ones and their shallow baths or if you wanna give yourself a mani-pedi at home. Each bag comes packed with 4 different colors Pack of 24 gum drops scented in a several kid friendly scents.  Each one will tint your water while surrounding you with our unique fragrances.

While our products are mild enough for children and those with sensitive skin we do suggest to test on skin before use, as they may contain allergens. 

Complete ingredient lists of our products can be found at the bottom left of the page.


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