Bath Bombs, Bubbles + Shower Steamers

Bath Bombs, Bubbles + Shower Steamers


    All the Bath Treats you could possibly need will be found here.  Dozens of scents of Bath Bombs, Fizzing Gum Drops, both hand painted Horror Bombs and Fun Bombs, as well as  Shower Steamers for you to choose from.  Making bath time fun is our favourite thing to do.

    Topher's regular sized Bath Bombs are about 2.5 oz  in size and always made with top quality ingredients.  Our larger bombs weigh up to as much as 9 oz.  All our bombs will tint your water while surrounding you with our amazing fragrances. 

    Team them up with our Bubble bath and fill your tub with thick, luxurious and long lasting bubbles.

    Shower Steamers are for those you don't use the bath tub prefer a shower but would like the aromatherapy of a bath bomb.  Just set one in the corner of the shower out of direct spray, but where it will still get splashed and enjoy the experience.

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